comp 1850 | introduction to web design and development

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official course outline

Detailed breakdown of the course can be found on the official BCIT course outline pages.

place & time

See BCIT's COMP 1850 page for the current course room.

12 Week COMP1850

6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
15 minute break during each session

6 Week COMP1850

Mondays & Wednesdays
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
15 minute break during each session


The textbook for COMP 1850 is Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML by Terry Felke-Morris. There is a supporting website where you can access example code.

COMP1850 Textbook

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Minimum Passing Grade: 60%

Description Due Worth
Homework - Various - 20%
Mid Term - Session 6 - 10%
Assignment 1 - Session 5 - 10%
Assignment 2 - Session 7 - 10%
Final Project - Session 12 - 25%
Final Exam - Session 12 - 25%


Before taking COMP1850 you must complete COMP1002 or possess equivalent computing experience. For example, you must be:
  • proficient with basic web browser techniques (navigating, bookmarking, managing browser tabs)
  • comfortable downloading, installing and learning to use new applications
  • able to run several programs at once, switching between each
  • able to proficiently manage files and folders:
    • save files
    • find files
    • open, rename, delete, move files
  • access to the internet outside of class is essential
  • able to use compression utilities such as 7-zip, winzip or winrar

Lab stations are provided for all students, but wireless laptop owners are encouraged to use their own computer (its better for customizing your work environment).

course policies

All students must understand and comply with the BCIT Student Guide.

  • Attendance: Attendance of all lectures is mandatory. The attendance policy as outlined in the current BCIT calendar will be enforced. If you cannot attend a class, notify your instructor. If you arrive late to class, see that you are accounted for on the atendance list.
  • Assignments: Late assignments will not be accepted for marking. Budget time for you to upload and test your work before an assignment due date: Do not leave it to the last minute. Assignments and quizzes must be done on an individual basis unless otherwise specified by your instructor.
  • Makeup Tests, Exams or Quizzes: There will be no makeup tests, exams or quizzes. If you miss a test exam or quiz, you will receive zero marks. Exceptions may be made for documented medical reasons or extenuating circumstances.
  • Disable audio: Disable the sound on all devices during a lecture. This includes BCIT lab computers, personal laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • No Food Or Drink In Lab: Food or drink may not be brought into BCIT labs. Use the designated areas on campus for food preparation, eating and drinking. Exceptions may be made for sealed, non-disposable drink containers (eg: a thermos or sports bottle).
  • Ethics: BCIT assumes that all students attending the Institute will follow a high standard of ethics. Incidents of cheating or plagiarism may, therefore, result in a grade of zero for the assignment, quiz, test, exam or project for all parties involved and/or expulsion from the course.
  • Illness: A doctor's note is required for any illness causing you to miss assignments quizzes, tests, projects or exams. At the discretion of the instructor, you may complete the work missed or have the work prorated (i.e., an average is given according to your performance throughout the course).
  • Course Outline Changes: The material specified in the course outline may be changed by the instructor. If changes are required, they will be announced in class.
  • Course Withdrawl: Students are responsible for contacting BCIT administration if they decide to withdraw from the class. If a student does not officially withdraw by the deadlines stated below,, they will receive a grade based on the work they have done.
    • Withdraw 31 days prior to course start date: 100% refund
    • Withdraw 1 week prior to second class: 85% refund
    • BCIT PTS Withdrawl Form


If you haven't already, be sure to check out myBCIT and access your free email and calendaring applications. If you're a student and BCIT, your myBCIT account should already be set up.

Also, be sure to read up on the following relevant policies:

By attending this course, every student acknowledges that they have been made aware of these policies and the actions that will be taken if students fail to comply.

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