Course Materials

COMP 1950 homework assignments, quizzes, in class exercises and example code can be accessed via Desire 2 Learn (D2L). Use your BCIT student number and password to access D2L. Course materials will become avilable as the course progresses. It is your responsibility to log in and download files as they become available.

If you have difficulty gaining access, consult the D2L help documentation, or contact BCIT Tech help desk at 604-412-7444 (Toll free: 1-800-351-5533).

Course Server

Your work in this course is to be published to the course server: Each student is provided with a web space on this server. Connectivity information is discussed during Lecture 01.

Your web space will be in the /students/ subdomain. Take the name portion of your email address and use it at the end of the URL described below (eg: if your email address is '', your email name is 'yourname123', so your url would be ''
For example:

If you have difficulty accessing your web space on, contact your COMP 1950 instructor.


There is no required textbook for comp1950, but if you wish to supplement the online course notes and examples you may find the following optional texts well-written and useful:

Instructor Assistance

Utilize the lab period at then end of most classes to review the homework assignment and ask your instructor for assistance or clarifications.

Getting Help Using Email

Outside of class, if you have a problem with code you are working on and wish to email your instructor for assistance, be sure to provide the following:

Try not to leave homework assignments until the last minute. This will give you time to address any problems that may arise.


Structurally valid code is predictable code. Strive to write code that will behave correctly by ensuring it is structurally and syntactically correct. Validate your code!

W3C HTML validator

W3C CSS validator