comp 1850 | introduction to web design and development


course materials

COMP 1950 homework assignments, quizzes, in class exercises and example code can be accessed via Desire 2 Learn (D2L). Use your BCIT student number and password to access D2L. Course materials will become avilable as the course progresses. It is your responsibility to log in and download files as they become available.

If you have difficulty gaining access, consult the D2L help documentation, or contact BCIT Tech help desk at 604-412-7444 (Toll free: 1-800-351-5533).

course server

Your work in this course is to be published to the course server: Each student is provided with a web space on this server.

Your web space will be in the /students/ directory of the server. Take the name portion of your email address and use it at the end of the URL described below (eg: if your email address is '', your email name is 'yourname123', so your url would be ''
For example:

If you have difficulty accessing your web space on, contact your COMP 1950 instructor.

html text editors

ftp client utilities

web Browsers

sites for web designer/developers

sites of inspiration

grids & layout

colour tools

typography & font resources

css resources

stock photography

mail lists & newsletters

  • WebDesign-l
    The list is intended as a forum for those involved in creating the Web.
  • css-discuss
    A mailing list devoted to talking about CSS and ways to use it in the real world; in other words, practical uses and applications.
  • SIGIA-l
    Information architetcure special interest group.
  • thelist from
    Become a part of the community by joining "thelist",'s primary discussion list for designers, developers, and web managers working to make the web a better place for all.
  • InfoDesign Newsletter
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  • Sitepoint Newsletters
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