comp 1850 | comp1950 web design and development

BCIT COMP1850 and COMP1950 homework assignments are located here: All student work in this course is to be published to this web site. Each student is provided with a space on this server where they can manage and test their homework assignmments.

Course Server Student URLs

Student work will be in the /students/ directory of this server.

To find your URL on this server, take the name portion of your email address and use it at the end of the URL described below (eg: if your email address is '', then your email name is 'yourname123', so your url would be ''

For example:

If you have difficulty accessing your web space on, contact your instructor.

Connecting to your account via FTP

Students should use Filezilla, or any FTP client to manage their work online. The FTP client is used to upload, delete, rename and download files from the web server.

  1. Choose: File->SiteManager->New Site, then choose a description for this server, eg "my comp 1850 website"
  2. Host:
  3. Port: 21
  4. User: {yourStudentNumberUsingAnUppercaseA}
  5. Password: {determined by you via email to your instructor}
  6. Servertype: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
  7. LogonType: Normal
  8. Click: Connect

If you experience connectivity problems, re-check your input, or ask your instructor for assistance.

ftp screenshot